With the rising importance and application of blockchain technology across cryptocurrencies, Defi, NFTs, and more, this May,《旭茉JESSICA》 dedicates an entire editorial campaign to women in blockchain and the cryptosphere.

As the first of our new section “Women in Tech”, this 56-page supplement features 12 Crypto Women Trailblazers across the spectrum of blockchain technology, representing different fields of expertise and application of blockchain, each sharing their individual experiences and stories, with the aim to connect, inspire and empower women within and beyond this industry.

《旭茉JESSICA》, as Hong Kong’s leading women’s media brand, is dedicated to providing a platform for sharing inspirational stories of women in leadership from a broad spectrum of industries and sectors, from Hong Kong, Greater China and globally.

For many non-crypto natives, the blockchain world is viewed with scepticism and fear, fear of the unknown. It is precisely for this reason, we now introduce blockchain and crypto to our audience, not to encourage investment (as we are not a forum for investment advice), but to hopefully, provide you with a taste of this trailblazing sector of tech, as a starting point for your journey down the crypto rabbit-hole.

Despite the dominance of men in this sector, there is an increasing number of women entering the blockchain world, who stand out vis a vis their male counterparts. This supplement is a tribute to inspiring female pioneers in crypto. Common in the theme of our conversations, is their dedication to education of both crypto natives and non-natives, with the goal of broadening and empowering a wider group, to attract wider understanding, adopting and embracing of this technology.

Founder, JESSICA & JES Network